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NineSigma – Our New Partner

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

We are excited to announce that the iBridge Network has partnered with NineSigma, the leading provider of open innovation solutions. While all of the details are still being worked out, we are confident that by working together we will help connect industry leaders with the research and innovations produced at our members’ schools and beyond.

As more information becomes available, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, visit our News page to learn more.

Girls Rock!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Latest headlines say Girls can do math! I knew it! Studies from the University of Wisconsin show the huge gap that once stood between boys and girls in math is gone. That is crazy exciting news for schools, universities, companies, well, anyone. There is a particular program taking place at one of our member schools, New Jersey Institute of Technology focusing on girls in areas of math and science. The program called Femme is open to 150 female students and five classes for girls in fourth through eighth grade. The once before statistic of girls falling 50 points behind boys in math has disappeared partially because of technology, such as texting and downloading. Teachers are jumping on the opportunity to ride the wave and show youngsters that math and science is the way to even more technology.

Student Start-up to Cure Cancer

Friday, July 25th, 2008

I think everyone will agree with me when I say Cancer is scary. But there are some truly exciting innovations when it comes to curing these crazy diseases. The most recent one I read about I took a particular interest in. It was created by student start-up called Aura Biosciences and is a really exciting way of delivering cancer killing drugs to the tumors. Since chemotherapy releases drugs to the body, it kills both healthy and hazardous cells. Well, this my friend is where it gets exciting…the Nanosmart particle contains the drugs until they reach the tumor, then releases them! This is different from the other nanodelivery systems because it has the potential to be even more targeted. Pretty cool concept! Check out more here.

Member Benefits…But Wait, There’s More!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

This month, we are excited to offer our members a few new benefits! I think the most exciting one is that while the other benefits of your membership will stay the same, members now are able to post as many innovations as they can using data synchronization tools with the API or bulk upload!

And, after using these tools, our members can nominate a faculty member to attend the University Startups National Conference or apply to receive a simulcast Webcast of EmTech!

Want to learn more? Visit Membership Benefits. Not a member, but interested in learning how to become one? Contact us!

BRIDGING SERVICES: The Knowledge Vine – Your Questions Answered

Monday, July 7th, 2008

The Knowledge Vine The iBridge Network is leading the North American Group of The Knowledge Vine, a networking system that has been operating very successfully since October 2006, starting in the UK, but progressively expanding to over 35 countries internationally. It is simple, powerful, informal and free.

Similar to a standard list-serve, the system is equivalent to “word of mouth”; it connects university technology transfer professionals, consultants, technology investors, patent agents, industry professionals and SME support professionals connected with commercializing intellectual property.

The Knowledge Vine is a proven, effective tool that gives professionals in this sector easy access to the experience, knowledge or contacts of others in the community. Users have been surveyed twice on the effectiveness of the system. The overwhelming response was that the relevance, quality and speed of of the replies were extremely high. Users also get great value out of seeing the questions as it encourages connections when synergies are identified:

  • “I have tested the network with my first question. It is wonderful! I got 7 answers in an hour! Thanks!”
  • “On the occasions I have used the network, I have found that the leads I have been given have been very useful and have come through promptly”
  • “The Knowledge Vine gives a simple and easy solution.”

How it works

To use the system, users write a request in the form of a single sentence question to a central email address for the members of the group. The request email is then immediately forwarded to group members. If someone on the network has the knowledge or information you seek, they will reply directly back to you by email. When posting a request to the group, users typically receive 5-15 replies, sometimes even more, either with the information that they need, or suggesting whom they might be able to contact for the answer.

Some typical questions:

  • Does anyone have a good contact for technology licensing at Philips Semiconductor?
  • Does anyone have any good licensing agents/broker contacts in Taiwan or Japan?
  • Does anyone have any IP for protein manufacture, as we have some IP we are looking to strengthen or bundle with?
  • Does anyone have any market data or market trend information on the blood glucose testing market?
  • Does anyone know a good market research specialist in teh environmental sector?

The Rules:

  1. Only one sentence allowed – this forces the requester to communicate very clearly
  2. The sentence must be a question
  3. Only reply to the person making the request (no one else cares!)
  4. No offers, promotions, or advertising

The rules make the service distinctly different and much more effective than other email and web-based tools. Because of the simplicity of the postings, the only traffic users see is occasional single sentence emails in their in-box. Because they are written in a very clear communication style they are easy and very quick to read.

How to join

You can join directly at – just register on the site, activate your account, and then browse and join the group. The site hosts a number of other technology-related Knowledge Vine networks, all openly accessible to you and resulting in a large set of other free knowledge resources. You can access other groups (e.g., Australasia, UK and others) simply by posting an email to the appropriate email address; you DON’T need to join other groups to get value out of them!

The North American Group is being lead by the iBridge Network, and supported by UMIP (The university of Manchester Intellectual Property Ltd).

For further information contact:

Laura Paglione

The Knowledge Vine Credits

New Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Per an email sent to iBridge Network members today…

We’re writing to let you know that our privacy policy and terms of use have been updated. We do not expect to send you many emails of this nature, but sometimes it is necessary.

In addition to this news, we also have some other exciting updates and developments. The iBridge Network now has over 3,000 innovations and research objects posted from 38 campuses located across the United States. With visitors from over 5,200 cities, representing over 150 countries, the Network is moving forward boundlessly.

Innovations listed on the site are in a range of subject areas that vary from cell lines to software to nanotechnology to agricultural substances.

What are you interested in? Perhaps…

  • Needle-Free Liquid Jet Injector for Drug and Vaccine Delivery – Most vaccines and protein therapeutics are currently delivered using needles and syringes. Despite their common use, needle-based methods have several limitations such as needle phobia, accidental needle sticks and re-use of needles and syringes in developing countries leading to a large number of HIV and HBV cases.
  • Hydrogen Generation from Solar Energy – The idea of splitting water with sunlight is quite old, but the current efficiency of such systems is only 7%-12%. This invention incorporates photovoltaic cells (PV) and micro-chemical reactors to create an integrated device that utilizes light energy to convert water into hydrogen at a more efficient rate than current technologies. The device is compact, scalable, and can be manufactured using conventional integrated circuit manufacturing technology.
  • Improved contrast agent for MRI using fluorinated nanoparticles – Washington University is actively seeking partners to further develop an innovative new contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging that could revolutionize diagnostic imaging. The agent, which uses fluorinated nanoparticles, enhances the use of MRI for diagnosing cardiovascular disease.
  • Test Offers Early Detection of Melanomas and Other Cancers – A new blood and tissue test can detect metastatic cancer at an early and treatable stage. This noninvasive test detects over 95% of advanced melanomas and is up to 1,000-fold more sensitive than other testing methods, enabling it to detect very low levels of cancer.

Keep visiting the iBridge Web site or subscribe to find out about the new innovations posted to the site regularly.

Who knows what you’ll find?


The iBridge Network Team

P.S. Watch for the upcoming inaugural issue of the iBridge Network Newsletter. In this regular publication, you will enjoy learning more about what the Network is doing as well as the work of the Kauffman Foundation in the area of advancing innovation and entrepreneurism.


William Garner, M.D., MPH – CEO of Urigen, N.A., Inc.

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